The office of Mamlatdar has assumed important status from ancient times. The word “Mamlatdar” is derived from original Arabic World MUAMLA (Mamla) means complicated matter or case and the officer who solves such matters or issues is Mamlatdar. The Mamlatdar is the Head of revenue administration consisting of average 50 or more groups of villages.

The state government appoints Mamlatdar under section-12 of Land Revenue Code. Mamlatdar is also an executive magistrate under section-20 of the Indian Criminal Procedure Code 1973. The Mamlatdar is a gazetted officer of the State Government. As the collector is the head of the district so Mamlatdar plays role of head of Taluka. He is responsible to Prant officer and collector and he solves problems of people by coming in direct contact of the people. Thus the Mamlatdar has a multipurpose role to play at Taluka level.

  • Conduct revenue administration of Taluka and Act as Chief coordinator of Taluka.
  • Supervision and inspection on work of revenue personnel of Taluka.
  • The origin of any revenue chapter is the office of Mamlatdar. So that detailed report and proposals of revenue chapters should be sent by such manner to the superior officer that they are settle or decided without further queries.
  • Mamlatdar is custodian of land record of Taluka. Hence his duty is to preserve land records and updation from time to time. Preservation of public property is his primary and fundamental liabilities. Right to property of people and settlement of revenue issues arising from them is his main role.
  • Preservation of government land and constant vigilance on it that no encroachment is made on it.
  • Recovery of government dues and prevention of theft of government property.
  • Recovery of land revenue of certain orders and Recovery by light/ heavy steps under provision of LRC amount due from other department.
  • Issue of new licenses and file case for violation of licenses as license officer under Essential Commodities Act and declaration of stock order 1981.
  • Action under minor acts relating to supply.
  • Issue permits every month to Pandit Din Dayal Grahak Bhandar and inspection.
  • Supply Ration card to all persons under P.D.S.
  • Cable connection Registration.
  • Preparation of primary proposal for video/cinema house.
  • Assessment of tax on all cable connection/video houses/ cinema house every year.
  • Recovery of entertainment tax.
  • Primary inspection of hotel/guest houses.
  • Work with (Dy. Collector) for appointment of staff or M.D.M. Centre.
  • Inspection of at least 10 centers every month.
  • Inspection of pay to sanchalak/distribution of Cheques of advance to MDM Centers.
  • Revision of electoral roll as per date of qualification of 1st January every year.
  • Issue of Photo I-card to all voters.
  • Duties of Asst. Electoral Officer in Legislative Assembly Election.
  • Work of process of election secret, just and smooth.
  • Conduct of voting/ counting and maintenance of law and order.
  • Implementation of model code of conduct for election.
  • Election of co-operative bodies of Co. Op. Bank. Taluka Sangh Market Yard, Cotton Gin etc. under co-operative Act
  • Electoral roll and election of village/Taluka and Dist. Panchayat.
  • S.C. , S.T. Baxi Panch, Creamylayer, E.B.C.
  • Solvency certificate, age, domicile, general resident, resident of 3 yrs.
  • Income, farmer, land holders, small and marginal farmer, heirship, immovable property, character.
  • Widow/ divorcee/ dependent, religious and linguistic minority.
  • Social welfare and women and child department
    • National family help scheme.
    • Scheme for destitute, old/disabled person.
    • Widow help scheme.
    • Antyodaya Yojana
  • Health & P.W.D
    • Work of family welfare.
    • Indian epidemic Act 1987.
    • Abolition of polio and vaccination
  • Cooperation Department
    • Election of co-operative bodies established under Co. Op. Act
  • Home Department
    • As sub jail superintendent at Taluka level.
    • Maintenance of law and order at the time of religious festivals such as, Dasera, Mohrum, Rath Yatra, Janmastami.
    • Implementation of anti child labour Acts
  • Agriculture Department
    • Agriculture census, Krishimahotsava
    • Economic survey of people
  • Work to be done with co-ordination of other departments
    • Sankalp Siddhi Yatra, World population Day, Asmita Din.
    • Gokul Gram Yojana, Gram Sabha.
    • Conduct of exam of S.S.C. & H.S.C.B. and law and order problem.
    • Maintenance of essential service in event of strike by employees.
    • Work of Swachchhata Abhiyan.
    • Pension to Ex. serviceman and freedom fighters.
    • under guardian of minor and court of wards Act
    • Allotment of agency under Narmada Shrinidhi, Small Saving Scheme and achieve target.
    • Natural calamities such as flood/ flood relief, storm, earthquake, big accidents.
    • Checking and scrutiny of primary proposal of mines, mineral loyalty.

Taluka Mamlatdar Office List
Taluka Designation Contact Number
Mehsana Mamlatdar, Mehsana +91 2762 236386
Kadi Mamlatdar, Kadi +91 2764 242355
Vijapur Mamlatdar, Vijapur +91 2763 220027
Visnagar Mamlatdar, Visnagar +91 2765 231351
Becharaji Mamlatdar, Becharaji +91 2734 286622
Unjha Mamlatdar, Unjha +91 2767 250970
Vadnagar Mamlatdar, Vadnagar +91 2761 222150
Satlasana Mamlatdar, Satlasana +91 2761 253333
Jotana Mamlatdar, Jotana